Dave Pacquette (KO Gym) vs Michael Wakeling (Scorpions)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

This bout was a rematch from Bill Judd's Thunder & Lightning Show where they met previously for the WPKL English title. That night it was arguably the best bout of the night and Pacquette took a close points decision. Wakeling has been out for revenge since and the promised rematch was now about to take place...

After the ram muays the bout got under way. Pacquette was first to attack with 1, 2 straight punch. Wakeling replied with a left low kick. Then the fighters went into the clinch, both turning and kneeing each other. Initially Pacquette was scoring a lot more but then Wakeling found a way to block his incoming right knee and replied with a few of his own.

Wakeling then turned and threw them both to the floor.Wakeling then attacked, 1,2 straight punch, 1,2 straight punch again. Right cross was Pacquette's answer. Wakeling scored again with a low kick and then both fighters traded punches with both scoring points and then a slip on the canvas by Wakeling ended the exchange. Wakeling got back to his feet and came in with a 1, 2 left low kick combination to end the round.

After a respectful touch of gloves Wakeling attacked first with a left low kick but Pacquette came back with 4 strong straight punches. Wakeling replied with 1, 2 straights but Pacquette answered right away with a 1, 2 body kick combination. A jab, low kick from Wakeling led into the clinch where Pacquette got in a hard and fast strong right knee to Wakeling's abdomen.

Wakeling turned Pacquette and stepped off him nicely to score with 1, 2 left low kick. Wakeling jabbed and then tried a left high kick which just missed and Pacquette looked to lead into the clinch with both fighters scoring well with knees. Wakeling then turned Pacquette just as the bell sounded for the end of the second round.

Both fighters started the third with their punches not finding the target to score but low kicks were landing. This was a really high paced start to the round with both fighters landing kicks and a straight by Pacquette briefly popping Wakeling's head back.

Wakeling answered the punch though coming at Pacquette with a 1,2 kick, 1,2 kick combination scoring before going into the clinch. with Pacquette possibly scoring more Wakeling then turned and threw him down to the ground. Both fighters then scored with low kicks. Wakeling then caught Pacquette's teep and landing a hard left low kick before going into the clinch where Pacquette scored with a nice right knee and just as the bell went an uppercut by Wakeling just skimmed Pacquette's chin.

As in the third, the fourth began with both fighters firing off straight punch combinations at each other. Then both scored with 1, 2, kick combinations before Wakeling slipped on the canvas. Wakeling got to his feet and caught Pacquette's kick and scored again with a hard left low kick. Pacquette started to look tired now and kept trying to grab on rather than stand and trade as Wakeling kept landing more. a jab by Wakeling popped Pacquette's head back and then both came in with 1, 2 kick combinations to end the round.

The fifth opened with a nice slip and left hook by Wakeling and his low kick just skimmed past Pacquette before the fighters went into the clinch. Wakeling scored more in this clinching spell with knees and downward elbows to Pacquette's shoulder.

The fighters turned and broke with Wakeling jabbing. Pacquette came back with some flailing straight punches and they went back into the clinch. After breaking apart Pacquette scored with a low kick and then seemed to tap into the last of his energy as he came back into the fight with punch and kick combinations just before the bell sounded.

The crowd held their breath for the decision and the result was announced a draw to the surprise of both corners as it was a vacant title. The KO Gym corner felt they had won the fight at which Wakeling turned and said "How can you feel you won that, lets go one more round then." The crowd were then on their feet chanting "One more round, one more round." KO Gym respectfully declined. Could these two meet maybe meet a third time. Result: Draw.